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學校簡介 Introduction

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  Shuren School of Yangzhou High School Education Group was established in June 1999. After twenty-four years; fast and healthy development, it has formed the pattern of one school, three campuses (Jiulonghu Campus , Nanmenjie Campus and Fengqihu Campus ) and three divisions( Junior High School Division, Senior High School Division and International Division). Currently, it has 148 classes, 6993 in-school students, and 518 full-time teaching and non-teaching staff.


Since foundation, our school has always insisted on the principle of "develop people, service society", adhered to the motto of  "breed spirits, maintain morality" and firmly established the concept of "integrate humanity and science, emphasize entirety and feature". The school spirit of "foster moral and strong people" has gradually formed, as well as the teaching spirit of "keep improving and making perfection"  and the studying spirit of "adore learning and researching". It has made due contributions to caltivating outstanding citizens with "International vision, Chinese soul, Yangzhou emotion, Shuren characteristics".


  We have been adhering to the principle of quality, “Three Wholes”, and on the practice of “making the school established on quality, strengthened through scientific research, prosper through culture, and stand out through featuredness”, followed by a gradual promotion of quality of education and teaching. Matriculation performance has been bettering, the number of students that have been admitted by key senior high schools and universities is growing year after year, which has been recognized by parents and well reputed by the society.


  In the process of education and teaching, we actively carry out the teaching mode of “difference and cooperation”, highlight efficient teaching, pay close attention to the classroom performance which is essential to high teaching quality and pursue high quality through students independent learning as well as their independent development. In 2012 August ,she declared the success that she has become one of the 100 digital learningpilot schoolsin Jiangsu Province, She has been actively exploring in advancing e-learning. For two years, through expert guidance, learning, self learning attempts, e-learning has achieved good results, and she has received more than 20 schools across the country and many colleagues came to visit  and she organized observation and exhibition of nearly ten times. Meanwhile, referring to Shuren Footprints, we strengthen “three-independence education”, build”three learning communities”, and cultivate “three features”, through which we aim to arm students with international vision, Chinese spirits, and Yangzhou temperament. The “three-independence education” refers to independent living, independent learning, and independent design of life. The “three learning communities” include group-cooperation-learning featured in-class learning community, the extracurricular learning community at Chinese Academy of Sciences for Youngsters (CASY), and the integrated group in- and out-of-school learning community. The”three features”are English Classic Reading, Shuren Chinese Academy of Sciences for Youngsters (thereafter referred to as Shuren Academy), and difference-cooperation learning mode. After several years unremitting efforts, we have opened 58 courses including all junior and senior high school subjects, leaving every student to be able to choose one optional course to their liking.


  In 2009, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary celebration of Shuren School, the establishment of "Shuren youngsters” science academy" has shown the theoretical research and practical exploration in the early cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents.Based on the construction of each class, our schoo” three-level management features cultivating students” ability in "self-learning, self-management, self-education, self-assessment" by fostering top-notch students at the school level, assessing elective courses at the grade level and implementing the project at the class level, which lays down the core knowledge quality of "science, technology, engineering and mathematics", the core capacity of "inquiry, design, innovation and practice" and the core spirit of "rational thinking, Critical questioning and dare to explore " .Since its founding, more than 2,000 people have won awards at all levels of technological innovation, of which 48 were awarded the invention of gold, silver, bronze, 328 people won the national first, second, third prize, 502 people won the first, second, third prize in Jiangsu Province. The school has also won around 28 collective awards, such as the 2nd International Youth Innovation Design Competition outstanding organization award", "Jiangsu Province youth science and technology innovation top ten schools", "Jiangsu province science and technology education five star advanced collective unit", "national top science demonstration base" , "the first" batch of STEM educational project pilot units in Jiangsu Province".More importantly,Li Mu and Tu Jingyi, two teenage academicians, were elected representatives of the National Association of Teenagers respectively to attend the sixth and eighth National Young Pioneers Congress, by Hu Jintao and General Secretary Xi Jinping cordially received.Three teenage academicians,Wei Kang, Dai Weihang, Shen Yimin, won the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government Youth Science and Technology Innovation Peiyuan Award.Four teenage academicians, Li Xu, Che Jingyin, Zhu Haojun, Bao Xin Yue,  have won the title of the top ten small academicians.Cui Shijie and other 11 teenage academicians have been honored as Jiangsu province science and technology innovation pacesetter.Luyuan, and other 12 teenage academicians have won the Yangzhou City Youth Science and Technology Innovation Mayor Award.Zhang Shiyao and other 78 students have consecutively won the title of”teenage academician of the Chinese juvenile academy of science”.


  In February 2012, Shuren School has initiated”Shuren Go Center” and signed the contract with Yangzhou chess association for the sponsorship of the chess competition named “Shuren cup”which has become the largest-scaled and highest-level chess contest in Yangzhou with name of Jiangsu excellent mass sports event. Players from Shuren Go Center has obtained two champions and one runner-up respectively in "well-known middle school group" team competitions of 2012-2014 National Children's Go Game; Shuren Go Center also achieved good grades in visiting Korea and its reception of Japanese go court; In 2015 and 2016, the Top 10 players of two consecutive Yangzhou”Shuren cup”go competitions were all from Shuren Go Center which has included more than 400 amateur players and more than 90 beyond the 4th level up till now. 

   20123月,我校在原樹人文學社的基礎上,成立了樹人文學院,下設文學社、詩社、戲劇社。樹人文學社先后榮獲全國中學生文學社團示范單位、全國百佳文學社、全國優秀校園文學社團獎等稱號。在葉圣陶杯”“恒源祥杯美文征文比賽、江蘇省中小學網絡讀書活動、江蘇省中學生與社會作文及詩歌競賽、名師點撥杯作文大賽等一系列比賽中屢獲殊榮。馬文同學在第五屆恒源祥文學之星總決賽中獲全國一等獎,并獲得恒源祥文學之星最佳提名獎的好成績。詹佳麗同學獲得葉圣陶杯全國中學生新作文大賽一等獎,并在首屆全國中學生原創文學比賽中榮獲少年作家獎。2013年,馬珮文同學在恒源祥文學之星中國中學生作文大賽總決賽中榮獲一等獎,在第三屆語文報杯全國中學生原創文學(作文)大賽中榮獲個人綜合最高獎全國十佳文學少年稱號,在葉圣陶杯全國中學生新作文大賽中,榮獲全國十佳小作家提名獎。 2015,李若愚同學獲得名師點撥杯特等獎。袁昕怡等6位同學在江蘇省中學生與社會作文大賽決賽中獲得一等獎,袁昕怡同學還獲得第十屆江蘇省中小學詩歌競賽初中組一等獎及詩歌之星稱號。2016年,李若愚同學再次獲得名師點撥杯作文競賽一等獎,吳星儀同學獲得江蘇省第十五屆中學生與社會作文大賽一等獎。20171月,馬欣妍和姚遠雙雙榮獲第十屆江蘇省中小學詩歌競賽初中組一等獎,姚遠還榮獲詩歌之星稱號。(新增...201716-8日舉辦的第十屆江蘇省中小學詩歌競賽中,馬欣妍和姚遠雙雙榮獲初中組一等獎,姚遠還榮獲詩歌之星稱號。第十二屆全國青少年冰心文學大賽,我校賈璦瑋、鄭心瑤、彭乾宸三位同學獲得全國金獎,我校獲得大賽組委會頒發的全國教書育人先進單位稱號。同年12月,江蘇省七彩語文杯”“中學生與社會作文大賽,我校初中部共獲得兩個特等獎和九個一等獎。第十二屆全國中小學生創新文學大賽初中帖昱彤獲得全國二等獎。我??铩稑淙嗽贰吩诮K省首屆中小學優秀校園報刊評比活動中榮獲一等獎。2018年,我校在第三屆揚子晚報杯全國中小學作文大賽中榮獲最佳組織獎。11月,《詩社》被評為揚州市第五批中學生精品社團。12月,第十七屆江蘇省中學生與社會現場作文大賽省級決賽中,樹人學校參賽選手成績斐然!初中學段全省20名特等獎,樹人學校摘得兩枚!2019,在南京外國語學校舉行了第十二屆江蘇省中小學詩歌競賽全省總決賽,胡靈朵、陶奕涵等四名同學一等獎,黃語喆同學還摘得詩歌之星桂冠。第十四屆全國青少年冰心杯作文大賽,孫添憶等4位同學獲得作文大賽金獎(最高獎),我校獲得全國青少年冰心文學創作基地榮譽稱號。七彩語文杯江蘇省第十八屆中學生與社會作文大賽王馨慧7名同學初中組現場作文大賽一等獎。茹意、陸婧文獲高中組一等獎。2020,江蘇省第十三屆中小學詩歌競賽,許睿帆和石子優榮獲初中組特等獎,吳安然和李楷文榮獲初中組一等獎。

  In March 2012, based on the original Shuren literature society,”Shuren art society” has been established, under which involves literature, poetry and drama societies. Shuren literature society has won “national model unit of middle school literature society”top 100 literature society and “excellent national literature society”. It has also scored great achievement in series of writing and poetry contests like “Ye Shengtao cup” and “Heng Yuanxiang cup”, and online reading for Jiangsu primary and secondary students. Students like Mawen has won the first prize and the best nomination prize in the final contest of the 5th “Heng yuanxiang star of literature” and Zhan Jiali, the first prize in “Ye Shengtao cup” a national new writing competition for middle school students as well as “the honor of adolescent writer” in “the 1st national original literature competition for middle school students”. In 2013, Ma Peiwen has won the first prize in the final of the writing competition for Chinese middle school students named “Heng Yuanxiang Star of literature”, and the best prize “Top 10 China” adolescents of literature in the 3rd national original writing competition for middle school students called “Chinese cup”. In 2015, Li Ruoyu won the "teacher point cup" special award. Yuan Xinyi and other six students in Jiangsu Province, "middle school students and social" essay contest won the first prize; Yuan Xinyi students also won the Tenth Jiangsu Province primary and secondary school poetry competition junior high school group first prize and "poetry star" title. In 2016, Li Ruoyu once again won the first prize of the teacher essay contest. Wu Xingyi won the fifteenth Jiangsu Province, "high school students and social" essay contest first prize. In January 2017, Ma Xinyan and Yao Yuan both won the tenth Jiangsu primary and secondary school poetry competition junior high school group first prize; Yao Yuan also won the "poetry star" title. Jia Aiwei, Zheng Xinyao and Peng Qiancheng won the gold medal at the 12th China Youth Bing Xin Literature Contest, a high-level national writing competition and Shuren school has been awarded the title of “National Advanced Teaching and Educating Unit” by the organizing committee of the competition. In December of the same year, the junior high department won two special prizes and nine first prizes in "Colorful Chinese" and "Middle School Students and Society", the composition contests of jiangsu Province. Tie Yutong, the student from junior high department won the second prize of the 12th National Creative Literature Contest for Primary and Middle School Students. “Shuren Yuan”, the publication of our school, won the first prize in the first contest of outstanding campus newspapers and periodicals in Jiangsu Province. In 2018, our school won the Best Organization Award in the third National Composition Contest for Primary and Secondary Schools held by Yangzi Evening Post. In November, the Poetry Club was rated as the fifth batch of high-quality middle school club in Yangzhou. In December, the contestants of Shuren School made outstanding achievements in the provincial final of the 17th Jiangsu Province "Middle School Students and Society" on-the-spot composition contest. They won two of the 20 special provincial prizes in the junior and middle school section! In 2019, the 12th Jiangsu Provincial Primary and Secondary School Poetry Competition was held at Nanjing Foreign Language School. Four students including Hu Lingduo and Tao Yihan won the first prize. Huang Yuzhe also won the "Poetry Star" laurel. Four students including Sun Tianyi won the gold medal (the highest award) in the In the 14th National Youth Bingxin Cup Composition Competition and Shuren school won the honorary title of "National Youth Bingxin Literature Creation Base". Seven students including Wang Xinhui won the first prize in the junior high school category of the 18th "Middle School Students and Society" Composition Competition of Jiangsu Province held by "Colorful Chinese". Ru Yi and Lu Jingwen won the first prize in the high school category. In 2020, Xu Ruifan and Shi Ziyou won the special prize in the junior high school category, and Wu Anran and Li Kaiwen won the first prize in the junior high school category at the 13th Primary and Secondary School Poetry Competition in Jiangsu Province.

  近年來,學校還先后獲得全國中小學外語教研工作示范學校、全國地理科普教育示范基地、全國中小學生創新作文教育實驗基地、中國教育學會十二五教育科研規劃重點課題子課題示范校、全國教育科學十二五教育部規劃課題教育部中國教師發展基金會重點資助項目全國重點實驗基地、教育部中國教師發展基金會校本建設項目全國重點實驗學校等榮譽稱號;榮獲江蘇省文明單位、江蘇省平安校園、江蘇省節水型單位、江蘇省義務教育現代化學校、江蘇省健康促進學校金獎、江蘇省教育國際合作交流先進學校” “江蘇省優秀少先隊集體、江蘇省中學少先隊工作示范學校、江蘇省少年科學院小哥白尼科技創新優秀組織獎、江蘇省物理學科實驗基地、江蘇省基礎教育百校數字化學習試點學校、江蘇省青少年科學教育特色學校稱號、江蘇省初中英語教材實驗基地、江蘇省詩教先進單位”“江蘇省中小學心理健康教育特色學校"、江蘇省數字化學習試點學校、江蘇省第六屆中小學網絡讀書活動團體獎、 第十四屆江蘇省青少年電子技師認定活動團體一等獎、“2014年江蘇省中小學校園心理劇優秀劇目評選二等獎等省級稱號;揚州市經典誦讀示范學校、 揚州市招飛工作先進集體、揚州市首屆青少年科技創新市長獎評選優秀組織單位、揚州市宣傳思想文化工作創新獎、市屬社會醫療機構先進集體、揚州市十二五教育科研示范校”“揚州市心理健康教育優秀學校、揚州市教育工作先進單位、揚州市三個文明建設共駐共建模范單位、揚州市中學共青團工作示范校”“揚州市數字化校園先進集體、揚州市示范校教育科研工作考評優秀獎、“2014年全市中小學優秀學校網站評比一等獎、揚州市優秀教育科研示范校,揚州城慶2500周年全市中小學生揚州歷史文化知識競賽決賽活動優秀組織獎、揚州建城2500周年家鄉美手繪紀念封設計大賽優勝單位,揚州市第四屆青少年科技創新市長獎優秀組織單位、揚州市第二十六屆青少年科技創新大賽優秀組織單位、2015年度揚州市紅領巾讀書征文優秀組織獎等多項榮譽。2016年,我校被評為中華詩教先進單位、江蘇省首批書法特色學校” “江蘇省藝術教育特色學校、揚州市中小學優秀家長學校、廣陵區平安法治建設工作先進集體。我校還被教育部授予健康體育課程模式基地學校;成為華東師范大學上海市地理教育教學研究基地實驗學校、江蘇省中學物理培優基地學校、2016年度江蘇省班隊集體建設示范校。2017年,我校被評為揚州市依法治校示范校、江蘇省文明校園、江蘇省科學教育綜合示范學校、英語教學特色學校、江蘇省STEM教育項目單位、全國青少年冰心文學大賽全國科書育人先進單位、揚州市十三五教育科研優質校、江蘇省教育系統關心下一代工作先進集體。2018年,學校榮獲揚州市平安校園示范校稱號、江蘇省首批中小學心理健康特色學校、“2018年度教育工作先進單位、揚州市中小學標準化醫務室建設先進單位、第三十三屆全國青少年優秀科技教育創新學校、2018省少先隊英雄中隊稱號。2019年,學校還獲得江蘇省文明校園、全市單位治安保衛工作先進集體、揚州市巾幗文明崗、揚州市青少年科技創新市長獎優秀組織單位、揚州市第八屆青少年科技創新市長獎。2020年我校被評為江蘇省三星級普通高中、江蘇省優質工程校園、31屆江蘇省青少年科技創新大賽一等獎、江蘇省第二批中小學生品格提升工程精品項目第一名。

In the recent years, we have won many titles and honors at both national and regional levels such as  National Exhibition School for the Teaching and Research of Foreign Languages for Primary and High Schools ,  National Exhibition Centre for Popular Geography Science ,  National Experiment Centre for Creative Writing for Primary and High School Students ,  Jiangsu Civilized Unit , Jiangsu Safe Campus , Jiangsu Water-Saving Model Unit , Jiangsu Model School for International Education Cooperation and Communication , Jiangsu Model School with Excellent Young Pioneers ,  Excellent Organizing Award for Little Nicolaus Copernicus Technological Innovation of CASY in Jiangsu ,  Jiangsu Experiment Centre for Physics Science ,  Jiangsu Pilot School for Digitalized Learning in Elementary Education ,  Jiangsu Special School of Science Education for Youngsters, Yangzhou Exhibition School of Classics Recitation Yangzhou Model Unit for Pilots Recruitment, Mayor Excellent Organizing Award in Yangzhou First Technological Innovation Competition for Youngsters, just to name a few" "Chinese society of educationeducation five key scientific topics planning sub-project of the national science education demonstration school", "The 12th five-year" planning project of Ministry of education, Ministry of education of China Teachers Development Fund key project supported by the national key experimental base, "China's Ministry of education, teacher development foundation school construction project of National Key Laboratory School" and other honorary titles; Yangzhou the 12th five-year education research and demonstration school" "Yangzhou outstanding school mental health education" "Yangzhou education advanced unit" "Yangzhou city construction of the three civilizations stationed in the building model unit" "Yangzhou City Middle School Youth League work demonstration school" Yangzhou city "Digital Campus" advanced collective "Demonstration School of education and scientific research in Yangzhou city evaluation of the work" award of excellence "in 2014 the city's excellent primary and secondary school website Award" honorary title.In 2016, Shuren school was appraised as advanced unit for Chinese classics education, Jiangsu pilot characteristic school for calligraphy learning Jiangsu characteristic school for art education excellent school of parents from yangzhou primary and secondary schools and advanced collectives in constructive work for peace and order of Guangling district. Shuren school has also been awarded Physical Education Curriculum Model" base school by the Ministry of Education, and has become the experimental school in the Shanghai geography education and teaching research base of East China Normal university, elite base school for middle school physics education in Jiangsu province, and 2016 Jiangsu model school for class building.In 2017, Shuren school was appraised as "Yangzhou Model School of Governance by Law", "Jiangsu Civilized Campus", "Jiangsu Science Education Comprehensive Model School", "Characteristic School for English Teaching ", "Jiangsu STEM Education Project Unit" , "National Science and Education Advanced Unit of Youth Bingxin Literature Competition", "Yangzhou 13th Five-Year Qualified Education and Research School" and "Advanced Group Caring for the Next Generation of Jiangsu Education System". In 2018, the school won the title of "Yangzhou Safe Campus Demonstration School", "Jiangsu First Batch of Primary and Secondary Schools Featuring Mental Health", "2018 Advanced Unit for Educational Work", "Advanced Unit for the Construction of Standardized Medical Office of Yangzhou Primary and Secondary Schools", "The 33rd National Youth Outstanding Science and Technology Educational Innovation School" and the title of "Hero Squadron" of the 2018 Provincial Young Pioneers. In 2019, the school also won the "Civilized Campus of Jiangsu Province", "Advanced Collective of Public Security in Yangzhou", "Yangzhou Women's Civilized Post", "Excellent Organization Unit" for Yangzhou Youth Science and Technology Innovation Mayor Award, as well as “the 8th Yangzhou Youth Science and Technology Innovation Mayor Award”. In 2020, our school was rated as "Jiangsu Three-star Ordinary High School", "Jiangsu High-Quality Engineering Campus", "First Prize of the 31st Jiangsu Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition", and won the first place in quality projects of the “Second Batch of Primary and Secondary School Students Character Improvement”.

  建校至今,樹人學子中有葉帆,徐向云等上百位學生在牛津、劍橋、哈佛等世界名校留學深造。2009年,學校創辦了國際部,積極與英國、加拿大、新加坡、澳大利亞等國加強友好合作,加快了學校國際化發展的步伐。國際部按照學校初中部做優、高中部做精、國際部做特的總體發展思路,遵循語言學習優先發展,必修課程并重發展,體藝素養特長發展的課程原則,把挖掘潛力,激發活力,發展智力,培養能力,增強領導力,全面提升國際競爭力作為學生培養的目標,為民族的振興 和社會發展培養具有國際視野,中國靈魂,揚州特質的新型人才。首屆中加班學生楊天馳、孟中笑、宋悅、俞皓嵩已經被加拿大排名第一的多倫多大學錄取。2013屆中加班26人參加加拿大升學考試,錄取加拿大一流重點大學24人,錄取率達92.3%。2014屆中加班46人申請大學,100%升學,其中76%的學生被世界一流大學錄取。2014年,中美班開班,并與美國綠河大學建立友好合作關系。發展態勢很好。2015屆中加國際班40人中升入全北美排名100名高校的學生錄取人數33人,錄取比例82.5%;排名前50名的學生錄取人數22人,錄取比例55%。2016屆國際部高三學生46人共收到世界各地大學錄取通知書238封,人均5封。升入全北美排名100名大學的學生達41人,錄取比例89%;升入排名前50名大學的學生達26人,錄取比例56%。2017屆國際部高三學子54人,升入全北美排名前100名大學的有49人,錄取比例達90.7%;升入排名前50名大學的有32人,錄取比例達59.2%。有27人次獲得不同大學提供的共32.5萬加幣(折合人民幣162.5萬元)的獎學金。2018屆國際部高三學子47人,共收到世界一流大學錄取通知書274封,人均6封。升入全北美排名前100名大學的學生達43人,錄取比例達91.4%;升入排名前50名大學的學生達29人,錄取比例達61.7%。有34人次獲得多倫多大學、滑鐵盧大學等大學提供的帶薪實習機會;有40人次獲得不同大學提供的共14.7萬加幣(折合人民幣73.5萬元)的獎學金。2019屆樹人國際部學子49人,共收到世界一流大學錄取通知書232封,人均4.7封。升入全球排名前100名大學的學生達45人,錄取比例達91.8%,升入全球排名前50名大學的學生達37人,錄取比例達75.5%,創歷史新高。中加方向39人,共收到加拿大多倫多大學(世界排名20)錄取通知書42封,人均1.1封;共收到澳大利亞G8名校錄取通知書37封,實現了多元升學的目標。中美方向10人,共收到轉學錄取通知書26封,所有學生100%成功轉入美國排名前80名大學,80%轉入美國排名前30名大學。2020年揚州樹人學校國際部學子41人獲得了加拿大、美國、澳大利亞、英國等世界名校錄取通知書共計279封,人均6.8封。升入全球排名前100名大學的學生達37人,錄取比例達90.2%,升入全球排名前50名大學的學生達27人,錄取比例達65.8%。中加“2+1”項目實現全球升學,獲得多倫多大學錄取通知書32封,澳大利亞G8大學錄取通知書23封,美國Top80大學錄取通知書35封。英國Top10大學錄取通知書10封。中美“2+2+2”項目實現100%轉入美國Top50大學。27人次獲得大學提供帶薪實習項目。共收到海外大學提供的獎學金近40萬美金,折合人民幣約280萬元。

     Since its establishment, Shuren has seen up to a hundred graduates studying in world-renowned universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Harvard University, among whom were Ye Fan and Xu Xiangyun. In 2009, we set up the International Division, actively strengthening the friendly cooperation with the UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia etc, which speeded up our steps in making our school more international. Following the general development philosophy of making Junior High School Division excellent, Senior High School Division exquisite, and International Division unique and the curriculum principle of giving priority to linguistic development, co-priority to compulsory courses, special priority to PE and art talent, the International Division aims at “digging students potential, invigorating them, developing their intelligence, cultivating their ability, strengthening their leadership ability, and promoting their international competitiveness, striving to cultivate new talents with international vision, Chinese spirits and Yangzhou temperament for our nation  thriving and social development. Yang Tianchi, Meng Zhongxiao, Song Yue, and Yu Haosong who were graduates from the first Sino-Canada cooperative education program were all admitted to Canada No.1 university, Toronto University, which shows the good trend of development.In 2013, 26 students of Sino-Canadian Class took the Canadian entrance examination and 24 of them were enrolled by prestigious universities in Canada with an admission rate up to 92.3%.In 2014, all of the 46 students in Sino-Canadian Class were highly qualified to be admitted to universities abroad, 76% of whom were enrolled in the first-class universities worldwide. In the same year, our Sino-American class was initiated and managed to establish friendly, stable and cooperative relationship with Green River College, US which has maintained a strong and positive momentum of development.In 2015, 33 among 40 students of our Sino-Canadian Class were accepted in Top 100 universities throughout North America with an acceptance rate of 82.5%. What more, 22 students were admitted to Top 50 universities with an admission rate of 55%.In 2016, 46 students of ShuRen International Department have received 238 letters of admission from many different universities all over the world with 5 letters for each on average. The number of students who were admitted to Top 100 universities throughout North America amounted to 41 and 26 of them were in Top 50 universities with respective enrollment rate of 89% and 56%.In 2017, 49 of 54 senior high school students in International Department were ascended to the top 100 universities across North America with an admission rate up to 90.7%; 32 of them were enrolled by the top 50 universities with the admission rate to 59.2%; 27 of them received a total of 325,000 Canadian dollars (equivalent to RMB 1.625 million) scholarships from different universities. There were 47 students from the International Department in 2018, and received a total of 274 admission notices from world-class universities, 6 per capita. 43 of them were promoted to the top 100 universities in North America, with an admission rate to 91.4%; 29 of them were promoted to the top 50 universities, with an admission rate to 61.7%. 34 students received paid internship opportunities from the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and other universities; 40 students received scholarships of 147,000 Canadian dollars (equivalent to RMB 735,000) from different universities. There were 49 students from the 2019 Shuren International Department, and a total of 232 admission notices from world-class universities were received, 4.7 per capita. 45 of them were promoted to the world’s top 100 universities, with an admission rate to 91.8%; and 37 of them were promoted to the world’s top 50 universities, with an admission rate to 75.5%, reaching a record high. The Sino-Canada cooperative education program had 39 students in total who received 42 admission notices from the University of Toronto, Canada (ranks 20 in the world), 1.1 per capita; and received 37 admission notices from G8 universities in Australia, achieving the goal of diversified entrance to universities. The Sino-American cooperative education program had 10 students in total who received 26 transfer admission notices; 100% of the students successfully transferred to the Top 80 universities in the United States, and 80% transferred to the Top 30 American universities. In 2020, 41 students from the International Department of Yangzhou Shuren School received 279 admission notices from world-renowned schools in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with an average of 6.8 per capita. 37 students were promoted to the world’s Top 100 universities, with an admission rate to 90.2%, and 27 students were promoted to the world’s Top 50 universities, with an admission rate to 65.8%. The Sino-Canadian "2+1" project has achieved global advancement, and obtained 32 admission notices from the University of Toronto, 23 admission notices from G8 universities in Australia, 35 admission notices from Top 80 universities in the United States and 10 admission notices from Top 10 universities in the UK. The Sino-American "2+2+2" project has achieved 100% transfer to the Top 50 universities in the United States. 27 students were awarded paid internship programs provided by the university. A total of nearly 400,000 US dollars in scholarships from overseas universities, equivalent to about 2.8 million yuan, were received.


  In 2010, we actively corresponded to the call of Yangzhou Municipal Government, cooperated with Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and moved to Jiulonghu Campus. We were entrusted with administering the Experimental High School of the Development Zone, making contributions to promoting the cross-administrative-region development of high quality educational resources,making an “innovated, exquisite, and happy Yangzhou”, and providing conditions for us to realize “scientific, transformational and leapfrog development”.


  Under the care and support of Yangzhou Municipal Government and the direct leadership of relevant superior educational departments, and with the ceaseless efforts of our staff, we firmly believe that we will be able to build Shuren School into a school that is “famous in Jiangsu, and influential in China as well as abroad”, ultimately meeting people’s expectations.



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